Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcome back to the states, Thompson family!

Around 8:30am I skyped Justin, Alison, Cailyn, and GBaby2 (to be named at a later date), to connect with them as they made final preparations to leave Costa Rica. Well, at best, they were not overly excited to see my face. Now, isnt that a terrible thing to think? Cailyn was watching a video on the computer (they had already delivered their TV to a neighbor), so I was taking away the distraction that was keeping Cailyn busy while they finished packing. It is really a good thing that I am as self-confident as I am or I might have slammed the online phone down, which would have been to Cailyn's movie watching joy!!!

As I am typing this post, the Thompsons are probably feet-dry and going through customs in Houston. Terri (Nana) and Allie are meeting them in at Bush Airport and spending the night with them as guest of Danny and Susan Clancy. Blessings on the Clancy Clan - wonderful, gentle-spirited people. Saturday brings another flight to Tennessee for some time with their Fairlane church family, and then, early in May, time in Texas with all of us.

We talked this morning about their trying to pack as much as they could into their bags, but realizing that some items, although sentimental in some ways, would need to be left to bless families in Costa Rica. It will be 4 months since the last time we hugged our kids, so i am happy for Terri and Allie tonight as they get an early hug. We are excited about spending some time with them in Bastrop with my parents and sister's family, then time here in Abilene. The Thompsons will be walking into our new home for the first time, so we are excited to share that time with them and Hannah (and hopefully the Grassman!) Our Hope church family is excited to see them as well as other friends here in Abilene.

Pray for our time together to fill us up until the next time we see them in Peru!

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