Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Easter weekend provided us a great time to visit Hannah in Tulsa. She is attending Tulsa University, working on a masters in Speech Pathology. She is just days away from completing her first of two years and we are very PROUD of her. Our weekend was filled with home cooked meals, picnic at Woodard Park, dominoes at Shades of Brown, her favorite coffee shop and attending a worship service at her home congregation, The Gathering. We also were able to view her new apt. in downtown Tulsa, and are at PEACE with her decision to move into this 1920's location. Her boyfriend, Jason shared the weekend with us and it was a good memory to store away.

After living in Abilene for nine months we traveled back to College Station this past weekend. Our stay was a very encouraging time. We went mainly to attend the wedding of Kathleen Spivey and Matt Lee. Wanting their marriage to be about serving one another and others they washed each others feet as part of the ceremony. Both Daniel and I were able to visit with friends in several venues. Our hearts were full as we started back home. Thank you to the A&M church for all of the hugs and care you always bring to us. We pray for you often.

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Justin and Julie said...

It sounds like you enjoyed such a special time with Hannah- what a blessing!!!