Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tea Party and Pool Time

Each day it is fun to look into my suitcase and see a treat to give to Cailyn and then play with it. We had a totally wonderful tea party yesterday morning. Hannah gave Cailyn the tea pot and cups for her birthday and i brought her felt food. Wonderful treat sewn by Angela Robinson!! We ordered the peanut butter/jelly sandwich and a ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato sandwich with a chocolate treat, and chips, and four donuts with icing and sprinkles on them!!

We also have enjoyed swimming lessons with our Lima Team friends, Kellan and Parker. She is very good with Justin in the water, going under the water and enjoying picking items up from the floor of the pool.

A cute phrase that Cailyn says everytime we head out toward a taxi is "people's flowers". That means, those are flowers that belong to other people and she knows not to pick them. Today I told her i wanted a picture of her and the "people's flowers."


The Driskells said...

Love the pictures!

daddyO and honey said...

cant wait to hang w/my girls (and justin) in lima!!!

Hannah Orozco said...

finally she is smiling for pictures! seems like she love the water! that's my girl!

Joy said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!!