Sunday, August 16, 2009

As i continue to read about the names of God and pray thru who He really is I have enjoyed some new thoughts that may seem old to some of you but it is like i've never thought about the concepts in this way.

Bearing the image of God -- what does that mean to you? how do you put that into your daily life? Alison and I had a bite to eat with Tara Davidson (another wife on the Lima Team) and one of the things we talked about was bearing out the image of God in their neighborhoods. There are men who are guards right outside each of their front doors, and they stay there for hours. There are two on Alison and Justin's street. Pedro and Jose. Tonight as we came in Alison ask Pedro if he would like to have some coffee. He said of course!! It only took him a few minutes to finish and ring the door bell. That is bearing the image of God. God is such a gracious host. As we get to know God better it will be easier to bear His image.

Every human life is sacred -- do you really think that when someone seems so different than you? I am with so many people in Abilene and now in Lima that i do not know. I'm unfamiliar with what are all of their needs, which one of them does He want me to touch? I have to realize He will direct me. It takes me listening to know what He wants me to do and how i am suppose to be used in each of these sacred creations of God. The Lima Team is at this point as they begin their ministry, their hospitality of the Lord. They are having a special time of prayer as they begin to met many new people who are search for our God.

God gives us the capacity to love -- Why do people love, how do they have the ability to love, what makes them want to love, what if people don't even believe in God yet they are people who love, how does this happen?? I feel this goes back to us being formed in the image of God. Even when we do not believe that doesn't change the fact that we are sacred and were created in the image of God.

God is perfect, not needing to have anything added to or subtracted from him to improve on his nature!! This is the God we serve, Elohim!!


Hannah Orozco said...

Mom, I loved the thought about meeting the needs of those around you. I realize that this may be one of my hangups in Tulsa...I need to find out what people need! Thanks for the encouragement!

Ayvrie said...

Love your updates on your visit to Peru and the pics of Cailyn--she is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your challenging questions!

Joy said...

Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! You do such an inspiring job of meeting our needs!!