Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A blog I follow says it all for today. Thoughts whirl for me today, family in the states and a new baby in Lima presents much to lay in the Father's hands.

The book I brought to help walk me through my time in Lima, Praying God's Names, has been a joy to me and a steady dose of guiding me each day to remind myself of who God is and how He loves me.

I depend on Daniel for many things in my daily life but i really depend on him when we travel and especially when I fly. Flying isn't something I enjoy or haven't enjoyed up to this point. I guess as God presents life to me these days, I better get to likin' it!! Erika Pourrajabi and Lynn Spivey drove me down to the airport in Houston to catch my flight out of Houston to Lima. I chose Houston because it is the only direct flight. There is only one flight to step on, get use to and land. No connections. As I stepped out of the car I'm thinking," do I have my passport, money, my purse" (oh, no I don't have a purse) Daniel was trying to help and decided he would make things simpler and take my cards out and my money out and put in a neat coin purse and he would put my purse in the suitcase but somehow it didn't get into my suitcase. oh, well. I have used one of alison's the whole time I have been here. As i realize i had everything out of the car I stepped up to ask for a cart to get my bags up to the desk. A young man comes with a cart and loads everything, he takes me in and ask if I have weighed the bags. Oh, yes, we have weighed them til we are blue in the face. They are both as close to 50 lbs as they can be and my carry on is close to 35lbs. I also had a book bag for my journals, my Bible, my reading glasses, my passport and coin purse.

As i walked on the outside of the airport, entering in and beginning this task of flying by myself God gave me a picture that I literally smiled about. It was me and Jesus arm and arm, I wasn't without a companion. The best person on earth would have been Daniel but God knew he was not with me and so Jesus showed up to walk me in. It was what I have learned this summer as God's "mercy of confirmation". God confirming to me, you are not alone, and you are in my will. Confidence comes with knowing you are in the will of the Father. I absolutely smiled and enjoyed my stroll with Jesus. The second time I received this message of God as my husband, Ish in the Hebrew, Hosea 2:16, was on Sunday morning. We attended a congregation worship time and the praise singing was of course all in a language I didn't know but that didn't stop my heart from being able to worship God. Alison told me bits and piece of what was being sang but I also recognized words I am familiar with. One of the women who sang was one of the many in the world suffering from cancer. She had a fashionable scarf on and Alison had pointed her out the week before. She sang such words of praise and we did too that were about God being all we wait for and all we need as we walk on earth. As I was enjoying the praise music I realized I had fullness of JOY, and again God comforted me as I stood without Daniel. My ish saying, I am all you need, I have given you a wonderful earthly husband but I will always be your spiritual husband and you are never alone. I bring to you all that you need. Isaiah and Jeremiah describe God as the husband of his people Israel and in the NT Jesus is the bridegroom and the church is his bride.

These experiences God has given me do not downplay my love for Daniel at all. I miss Daniel even now as I experience these first days with Corban-- especially all of our talk time and how he helps me work through verbally and emotionally with all of my thoughts.

God always shows Himself when we most need Him. I know He is always there but am not always as aware of His presence how I was in these two experiences. Blessings to all you.


mad4books said...

Once again, you have been a blessing to me...from thousands of miles away, on another continent! HOPE is so blessed to have you and Daniel.

You have mentioned this book so often and so fondly that I've added it to my reading list. (Karen and I need to read up on this Ish you mention, especially since God is the ONLY husband upon whom we can lean right now. What a comfort!)

Have fun with the kids...and give Corban an extra squeeze from us!

Rachel's 'Riting's said...

I wanted to tell you that I have read that book & thought you had done the study already. I have the follow-up book, "Praying the Names of Jesus," if you want to borrow that one. Can't hardly wait to be worshiping with you and Daniel soon. Lots of love,